Veneeth SidhartHan - 3 & 4 March 2023

The organizers Janneke Huisman & René Otter are happy to invite you to the next seminar of Veneeth Sidharthan on 3 & 4 March 2023

The next step in classical case analysis

(NOKH, NVKH, AVIG erkende nascholing, NWP al aangevraagd)

Main themes of the 2023 seminar

  • Last year was an introduction. This follow up seminar will be at a more advanced level:

  • Advanced case analysis strategies, illustrated with a variety of pathologies which you can encounter in any regular homeopathic practice.

  • The discussed pathologies: Epilepsy, kidney failure (dialysis), heart problems, muscle paralysis, liver diseases, psoriasis, multi-layer cases, infertility, pneumonia (the topics may vary depending on request of the audience during the seminar).
  • Each day one live case: witness case taking and analysis of difficult cases, and how to come to the correct prescription (Planned is a Psoriasis and a stomach cancer case),

About Dr Veneeth

After receiving a lot of positive feedback from previous seminar, we are happy to announce again a two days seminar with Dr. Veneeth Sidhartan on 3 & 4 March 2023, for homeopathic practitioners and advanced homeopathic students.

Previous seminar had a focus on skin diseases. This time a wide variety of pathologies will be discussed, with also each day a live case. 

Dr. Veneeth has conducted seminars in many countries and his teachings have always been received with great enthusiasm. He is a regular speaker at the LIGA congresses, and was a speaker at many other congresses e.g. the Britisch Homeopathic congress (UK), the Mental Heath congress in Bad Kronzen (Germany). 

He is also an advisor for several homeopathic organisations and colleges, e.g.  the LARA institute (rehabilitation for assulted woman) in Berlin (Germany), and the Hahnemann College in London (UK).  He is the Chief Consultant at the CARE Homeopathic Clinic an Research Centre in Engandiyur -Kerala (India).

Dr Veneeth sees about 40-50 patients per day, ranging from many acute cases (which need a solution within 10 minutes consult only), to more complicated chronic cases.

Classical, practical, and "keep it simple"

His homeopathic approach is pure classical according to Hahnemann and his teachings are very practical. A key phrase of him is "Keep it simple". 


For seminar location and price see the other page: Fee / Location
Also available as webinar.

A short case of Pityriasis rubra pilaris

A recent interview covering some questions from participants

A short interview with Dr Veneeth

Bring your repertory and a materia medica

Veneeth has a lively and very interactive way to teach. You are encouraged to participate actively to analyse the cases, so please bring your repertory (paper or electronic) and a materia medica with you.

Cancer of breast

Varicose ulcer

Cyst on testes

An infant with skin problems, case presented during a previous seminar

Dr Veneeth uses a classical homeopathic approach, and sees 40 to 50 cases per day.
The pathology ranges from many acutes, to severe chronic pathology

A few  sample video and  photos below  of cases which will be discussed during the 2023 seminar

Click below to view the video: cough example 1

Click below to view the video: cough example 2

Several photos of upcoming cases














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